Artificial intelligence with our physical world, the internetworking of devices using the Internet of Things

At Bondigital, we provide Internet of Things (IoT) solutions to the Lagos state, Nigeria. With the ever-increasing integration of artificial intelligence with our physical world, the internetworking of devices, buildings and institutions like transportation, healthcare, etc. are all fast approaching the “smart city” way of life. With the Internet of Things come a vast variety of endless opportunities for corporates to implement solutions and applications using Big Data analysis.

Data capture and market segmentation can be achieved through channels of IoT. From building automation to energy management, the behavioural pattern and consumer application use, there are multitude of assets and ICT products that can be productively and profitable tapped into. We help our customers recognize these opportunities and strategize their operations to optimize return on investment through the assets utilized and catered to these target markets.

The base infrastructure of connecting assets, establishing communication networks to interact between them and utilizing the data transmitted and received optimize the flow of information and how it can be leveraged for an optimal environment through the use of the below IoT integration solutions:

These solutions are customized to cater to the below variety of industry segments that cover both wired and wireless divisions of the ICT framework and intelligent networks to automate network architecture including data protection and security against loss of information:

  1. Automotive Industry

Enabling your car to connect to your smart handheld device is an example of and IoT solution present in modern transportation. Smart Travel cards that encourage cashless journeys in public transport is another successful and practical integration of IoT solution.

  1. Smart Buildings

If the vehicle has smart ID tags installed, Smart buildings can track a person’s entry from the time they enter the parking lot till they sign into the Time and Attendance card slot of their designated office space. The advent of smart buildings enable building owners to eradicate vandalism and fraudulent activities in and around the premises.

  1. Transportation & logistics sector

IoT integration in the Transport and logistics sector has seen a booming increase of innovation. Data aggregation and analysis offers a wide range of opportunities to be tapped in for manufacturing, distribution and leasing of vehicles and storage of assets, 3D visualization of facilities for implementing cost-effective and Planned Preventive Maintenance (PPM) solutions.

  1. Healthcare industry

Paperless administration, speed of medical record access and provision of timely medical help is now possible with the internetworking of devices that connect people to process driven automation.