Airspace and Anti-drone Security

Protecting your assets and people from malicious drone operators

Protecting your assets and people from malicious drone operators is a growing and critical issue. As drone technology evolves, so do counter-drone solutions. There are many reasons businesses and people require counter drone technology, from privacy to safety. We advise on the options and ensure we keep up to date with the latest developments in counter-drone technology.


Detect. Defeat. Integrated

How Do We Do It?

Depending on the application, size and location of the perimeter to secure as well as the required level of protection different types of anti-drone solutions can be used for mini-range, small-range, medium-range and long-range systems.
Anti-UAV solutions used in mini-range systems provide drone detection at distances of up to 200 m.
Anti-drone solutions of small-range systems assure protection in the range from 200 m to 1 km.
Drone Detection

Drone Early Warning Systems to Prompt Operational Response

Real-Time Tracking

Real Time, Wide Area and 3 Dimensional Drone Tracking Capabilities

Aircraft Identification

Drone Characteristics & Signature Analysis to Determine Friend or Foe

Defeat the Device

Drone Jamming and Physical Capture to Neutralise the Drone