Application development

Conceptualization, development, testing, customization and handover of iOS and Android Apps

Application development is a high-on-demand service of Bondigital Limited. Just as every business is different from operations to size, the type of app development also varies as per the customers’ requirements and needs. Our technical team are capable of assisting our clients from conceptualization, development, prototype testing, customization to handover of the finished application by following our carefully thought out processes that are set in place.

Website application development

This covers e-Commerce, e-Learning and similar verticals.

Software development

This covers in-house bespoke software that a few businesses require.

Mobile App development

This covers Android and iOS applications that are native or cross-platform depending on the customers’ needs.

Our Process

In order to successfully complete our projects, we follow the Systems Development Life Cycle or commonly known as the application development life cycle process that has clearly defined steps and methodology for planning, creating, testing and executing a ICT product.
Our project delivery at the completion/ handover phase sets us apart because of our detailed documentation, installation and maintenance manuals and the hands-on approach to coding where the clients own the IP to their software/application’s source code. Constant update and support services are also provided so that our customers can keep their business ever-evolving.